Transformation of a “Baking Boudoir” Part 1

Transformation of a “Baking Boudoir” Part 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the challenge that is turning a teenagers bedroom into a Baking Haven.

Ingredients Required

1 x disused teenager’s bedroom

2 x adults with lots of patience

2 x elbow grease

2 x lots of tea breaks

1 x tin of white gloss

1 x tin of Antique Cream emulsion

As a happy go lucky mum, offering boundaries (should you choose to accept them) and always open minded I very stupidly allowed my daughter and her friend to paint her bedroom!!! In the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman Рthe scene where those on commission refuse to serve her РBig Mistake, Big Big Mistake! At the age of 16 they knew of course the best choice for her double bedroom Рdark teal blue, yeah the grim reaper was on his way! (at this point I wish I had taken photos I could show you). The room became the teenage cave, housing the mandatory left limb computer, a double bed, an array of mish mash furniture, clothes with labels clothes without labels as well as a kitchens worth of crockery & cutlery providing a breading ground worthy of a haven for many cultures including penicillin and various other bizarre smelling fungi!

Three years on from this madness and the view on the horizon looked brighter – the day arrived when the boyfriend brought tears to my eyes with an offer of her moving in with him and them getting a place of their own. These tears were not of upset ( well just a little #mammasbestfriend) but of joy that the room could rise from the fungi underfoot and once again become a part of the rest of the house.

Following my decision to work from home I knew exactly what I was going to do. Let operation “Baking Boudoir” commence.

After deciding to strip the paper they had painted over, it took me a whole day to remove all evidence of its existence. Along with 4 layers of wallpaper taking us through the decades, right back to a striped offering from the 1970’s, a residence of 3 years of spiderweb resembling a cats cradle game entwined inside the cavity wall behind a vent that had been nailed in place and covered with duck tape to prevent their entry (~news flash they can still get in lol) Mr T (fiance in residence) was subjected to a bolt from an electric socket that had been installed prior to us buying the house. Things were slightly concerning when he plugged in a drill for the radio to go off?? Spooks? Nah dodgy wiring. ¬†Possibly because some less than reputable electrician or previous resident had thought it appropriate to use cooker wire to feed a plug socket ( worryingly one that my daughter had used 24/7 for her mobile phone) this was promptly removed and made safe you will all be glad to hear.

Carpet removed and skirting cleaned we had finally reached a stage where re-decoration could begin.

So this was Day 1 – very eventful I’m sure you will all agree. Join me next week for the next installment of “The Baking Boudoir”

Lemon Puff Kisses

Natalie xx

The Birth of A Baking Boudoir

The Birth of A Baking Boudoir




Transformation of a “Baking Boudoir” Part 1
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